Charlotte Yoga Teacher Training

Urban Bliss Yoga is holding one 200 hour Charlotte Yoga Teacher Training in 2019

The dates for our Charlotte Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 is:

October 5  – 31, 2019

Monday through Friday: 5:15am – 8:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 1:30pm – 6:30pm

The tuition for this Yoga Instructor Training is $2,299

Yoga Teacher Trainer and Director of Urban Bliss Yoga, Lizzy Hoffmann is the Charlotte Yoga Teacher Trainer for both Yoga Teacher Trainings.

During this Charlotte Yoga Teacher Training you will learn everything about Yoga from the ground up. It does not matter if you are a lifelong yogi or simply wanting to get started on the yogic path.
This Yoga Instructor Training in Charlotte, NC is for you.

During the yoga training run Charlotte  amongst other things you will learn:

Yoga History & Philosophy
Ashtanga Vinyasa
8 Limbs of Yoga
4 Paths of Yoga
Mechanics & Alignment for Safety
Yoga Anatomy
Energetic Yoga Anatomy
Counterposes & Vinyasa (Sequencing)
Vinyasa Yoga Flo
Meditation Practice
Subtle Energy (Chakras, etc.)
Yoga Teaching Principles
Practice Teaching
Deep Relaxation
Restorative Poses
Yoga Ethics
Business of Yoga
Karma Work
Seva Project

The address of this Yoga Teacher Training is:

Yoga Warrior
801 Baxter Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Please click the link below to sign up for our
Charlotte Yoga Teacher Training

Urban Bliss Yoga specializes in holding Yoga Teacher Trainings in Charlotte since 2005 and has graduated close to 1,000 students some of which have now become successful Yoga Studio Owners in Charlotte and surrounding areas.